What is PAN ?

  • PAN stands for Permanent Account Number. It is a 10-character alphanumeric number uniquely allotted by Income Tax department to the PAN Applicant. It helps in identification of  the PAN Cardholder or income tax payer. PAN Card is  Necessary in case of receiving a taxable salary,  taxable professional fees, opening a bank account with high amount, purchase or sale of assets above the specified limit and so on. PAN cards serve as a Government issued identity .

Eligibility of PAN Card

  • Name – Name for Permanent Account Number (PAN Card).
  • Age Limit – No Age Limit.
  • Eligibility – Applicant is resident of India and he is born in India.

Types  of Pan Card

  • Individual PAN Card –  Issued To a single Person .
  •  Combined PAN Card –  Issued To More Than one Person or  A Company  or A trust or a Legal Group .
  • HUF PAN Card           – Issued To Families under Hindu Unified Families  Act .

PAN Card Application Fee 

  • The charges for applying for PAN is Rs. 93 (Excluding Goods and Services tax​) and Rs 107 ( including all Taxes ) for Indian communication Address  or For Indian Citizens . Rs. 864 (Excluding Goods and Services tax) and Rs 989 ( Including All taxes ) for foreign communication address or for NRI’sPayment of application fee can be made through credit/debit card, demand draft or net-banking or Can be Paid Cash at Authorized  PAN Card  Application Centers .

 PAN Card Online  Application  Form or PAN Card Offline Application Form

PAN Application Form                                          Description Form Types
Download PAN card Form 49 A To be filled by Indian Citizens, Entities incorporate in India, Indian Companies Unincorporated entities formed in India. Form 49 A
Download PAN card Form 49 AA To be filled by individuals not being a citizen of India, Unincorporated entities, Entities incorporated outside India, formed outside India. Form 49 AA

Document Required For PAN Online Application  ( 49 A )

How to Apply Online PAN Card

  • Logon to NSDL or UTI portal to access the online PAN application form (49A)
  • Read through the guidelines
  • Select the category from the drop down menu in the bottom of the page and click on ‘next’, which will take you to the page where Form 49 A is displayed.
  • Ensure to fill up the form in English only and asterisk (*) marked fields are all mandatory
  • Applicants are required to provide their A O code details in the application form (details can be obtained from clicking on the A O code details link provided in the online form).
  • Fill up the details like complete name with prefix, gender, date of birth, address and other required information.
  • Ensure to select the correct document type that you are enclosing as a proof ( checklist of proofs accepted are available in the official website)
  • Recheck and edit if there are any corrections
  • Select the appropriate mode of fee payment and proceed to pay. Rs.107 is the fee charged for the dispatch of PAN to Indian communication address. Rs.994 is the fee charged for the dispatch of PAN to communication address outside India. Payment can be made through credit card or net banking online. If you are submitting the hard copy of online filled application to NSDL / UTI then demand draft drawn in favor of ‘NSDL-PAN’ payable at Mumbai can be enclosed for fee payment.
  • In case of online application, attach all the scanned copy of proofs and submit the application
  • In case of physical way of submission, documents are to be submitted along with acknowledgment copy received online and fee Demand draft to the NSDL or UTI office with the envelope labeled ‘APPLICATION FOR PAN— N-Acknowledgement Number’.
  • In case the service provider is UTI, post the envelope to nearest UTIITSL office address (any one of Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai or New Delhi regions) for processing and issuance of PAN Card.

Document Required For PAN Offline Application  ( 49 A )

How To Apply Offline PAN  Card

  • Visit NSDL or UTI portal to Download the form 49 A in PDF format and take a print out
  • Affix two passport size photographs on the space provided in the form and sign across (applicable to ‘individual’ applicants). If thumb impression is used, Then it needs to be duly attested to verify its authentication. Attestation is valid if it is done either by a Gazetted Officer, Magistrate or even a Notary Public and it needs to be necessarily done with signature as well as official seal and stamp.
  • Fill up the entire form in Capital letters and preferably in black ink. Form should only be filled in English
  • A O code has to be duly filled by the applicants. Details can be obtained from the Income Tax office or from PAN centre or from NSDL or UTI websites
  • Read through the detailed guidelines and  instructions provided (though the form is self-explanatory) and fill up the form accordingly without any error
  • Avoid overwriting.
  • Write in the name, address, Date of birth and other important details as it is mentioned in the proof that you are enclosing along with the form.
  • If office address is chosen as the communication address, ensure to enclose the proof for the office address along with proof of residence address.
  • Fill in the telephone number and email ID details correctly as application status is notified through this.
  • Select the appropriate status of applicant
    (Individual/HUF/Company/Partnership firm/Government/AOP/LLP/Trusts/BOI/Local Authority/Artificial Judicial Person)
  • Mention clearly the document that you are enclosing as a proof of identity, proof of address and Date of birth proof
  • Read through the filled form to ensure there are no errors.
  • Submit the duly filled form to NSDL e-Govt. or UTIITSL office along with other required documents and fee’s demand draft.

 Document Required For Pan Card


  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter Identify Card
  • Arms License
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Pension Card With Photograph
  • Ration Card
  • Photo ID Card Issued By Any Central/State Government Authority
  • Any Other Related Document…..

( Enclosed Any Two of Above One as Identity Proof ( Photo ID Card ) and Other as  Residence Proof ) .

How NRI’s Can Apply For PAN Card ?

The structure and format of Form 49 AA is similar to that of Form 49 A. Apart from the basic details as required in Form 49 A, KYC Details of the applicant is also needed in case of Form 49 AA. This is to be filled by a Foreign Institutional Investor or a Qualified Foreign Investor, as prescribed under the regulations issued by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and includes the following –

For Individuals NRI –

  • Marital status
  • Citizenship Status
  • Occupation details- Private sector service, Public sector/Govt. service, Business Professional, Agriculturist, Retired, Housewife, Student or Other
PAN Card For Non-Individuals or Company or Trust
  • Type of company- Private Company, Public Company, Body Corporate, Financial Institution, Non-Government Organization or Charitable Organization
  • Gross Annual Income  in INR
  • Net-worth (Assets less liabilities) in INR
  • Does it have few persons or persons of the same family holding beneficial ownership and control
  • Is the entity involved / providing any of the following services- Foreign Exchange, Money Changer Services, Gaming/Gambling/Lottery services (Casinos and Betting Syndicates) or Money Lending, Pawning
  • Whether the applicant or the applicant’s authorized signatories/trustees/office bearers are politically exposed or related to a politically exposed person
  • Taxpayer identification Number in the country of residence

PAN card For a Public Company 

Whether listed on a stock exchange or not. If listed, the name of stock exchange is also required
Points to Remember when Filling out Form 49 A or Form 49 AA

  • Read the guidelines and adhere to them
  • Fill the application in block letters and preferably in black ink
  • Ensure to fill up the form in English only and asterisk (*) marked fields are all mandatory
  • Names should be entered without the use of any abbreviation or salutation or title
  • Ensure to select the correct document type that you are enclosing as a proof (checklist of proofs accepted is available on NSDL website)
  • Make sure that the mentioned AO Code is correct
  • Affix the photographs in necessary space provided. Provide recent colored photograph with white background. Photographs should not be pinned or stapled to the form.
  • Signature / Left hand thumb impression should be provided across the photo affixed on the left side of the form in such a manner that portion of signature/impression is on photo as well as on form. No tampering should be done with the photograph affixed on the right side of the form.
  • Thumb impression, if used, should be attested by a Magistrate or a Notary Public or a Gazetted Officer under official seal and stamp
  • Recheck and edit if there are any corrections

How To Apply HUF PAN Card 

  • Procedure is Same As for Individuals . Needs To Tick HUF  form  49 A . Enclosed Supporting Documents of All Applicant Family Members .

How to Change Name on PAN card

  •  You Can change or Correct Your Name on PAN card By  Filling a online   CSF  Form   or By   Filling offline  PAN Form 49 A .   You Needs to submit Documents Supporting The correction what You Wants To made .

How to change Date of Birth on PAN Card 

  • You Can change or Correct Your Date of Birth ( D.O.B.) on PAN card By  Filling a online   CSF  Form   or By   Filling offline  PAN Form 49 A .   You Needs to submit Documents Supporting The correction what You Wants To made .

How to change Photo on PAN Card 

  • You Can change Photo on PAN card By  Filling a online   CSF  Form   or By   Filling offline  PAN Form 49 A .   You Needs to submit Documents Supporting The correction what You Wants To made .

What is PAN  Form 60

  • It is kind of Form which needs to submitted by individuals who do not possess a PAN card . Form 60 is Required  when there is a Buying and Selling of assets, Payment in cash above ₹ 50,000, Registration of Business . Form 60 is a must have document to carry out financial transactions if you do not possess PAN card.


What is PAN Form 61 

  •  Individuals who do not possess PAN and  receives income solely from agriculture and do not entertain any other Taxable  income  should fill Form 61. This form is issued by Income Tax Department of India under the supervision Central Board of Direct Taxes.

Download PAN FORM-61

Download All PAN Forms 

How to Download Pan Card

How to Get Duplicate PAN Card